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Software Development Services

Our team is here to help you with your next data system.

Partner with our software delivery team to design, build, and implement software created to improve your workflow and capture critical data.

We have extensive experience building software together and know how to design and develop tools that help you improve your workflow and capture critical data. Our team has developed systems that help people working in philanthropy, state/local government, nonprofit and community-based organizations, and more.

Understanding your needs

Before a line of code is written, we engage with you in a Vision & Scope Process. Our process includes numerous planning tools and techniques that can scale to fit your project.

  • Vision We work with you to identify your north star, goals, priorities, and long-term vision for the system you want to build.
  • Define We sketch the outline of the system you want to build through a user story mapping activity. The features that emerge in this process are prioritized and sequenced in a roadmap for development.
  • Design We identify the solution path and systems architecture that supports the features on the roadmap.
  • Plan We share a final report that summarizes the vision, scope, budget and timeline estimate, and recommendations for next steps to begin development.

Building the system

When development begins, our delivery team will facilitate an ongoing and collaborative process that ensures the most efficient and effective work is prioritized at the top of the worklist. We develop software incrementally, relying on feedback on working software to ensure we build what’s needed. Our process is anchored on cycles of discovery and delivery.

Key Practices:

  • Pair programming & code reviews: Software developers work together in pairs trading control of the keyboard and mouse, coaching and assisting each other.
  • Continuous integration & delivery: Our CI/CD pipelines add value by improving the velocity and productivity of our software development teams. Code changes are integrated through source control frequently, prompting automated regression tests and automated deployment of passing code to staging environments for exploratory testing.
  • Automated tests: Tests built into the code are continually re-executed to verify that the functionality meets expectations. Automated tests allow for earlier identification and prevention of possible bugs or unforeseen scenarios from shipping onto production.
  • Cross-functional teams: The value of cross-functional teams is increased collaboration that fuels creativity, increased communication and quality, increases the focus on client experience, and allows the team to move, problem solve, and iterate faster.

Supporting Production Software

We know that sometimes you need help once you’ve started using your new system. That’s why we’re set up to support you after you’ve launched your new data system.

  • Our ticketing system is available 24/7 and our team is ready to help you with small updates, training requests, and other questions you may have.

We also know that sometimes you need to make bigger changes. Our development practices and tooling were chosen specifically so that we can easily build upon what’s already there.

  • Let us know when you’re ready for the next iteration of your system and we’ll work with you to get a new project rolling!

Looking to design a new data system?