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Data Analytics Services

Our team will help you achieve your analytics objectives by combining domain expertise with technology practices.

  • Cut your research cycle times in half
  • Grow trust with project stakeholders
  • Achieve your knowledge and action goals
  • Enhance protections to meet regulatory, security, and policy goals


How you can work with us

Our team is here to support you whether you need help charting a path forward, a partner for a specific initiative, or assistance in maintaining momentum with your current analytics efforts.
Here’s how we can work together:


Not quite sure where to start? Looking for input on a specific issue? Our team is happy to provide support in an advisory capacity.

Roadmap Services

Ready to get started, but need to establish clearer goals and objectives or get a better sense for budget and timeline? Working with us to develop your roadmap not only helps you understand the investment in time, energy, and dollars to move forward, but can also be a valuable tool in same-shaping across stakeholders.

Build Project

Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and need help getting it off the ground and across the finish line? Did you just complete a roadmap project and are ready to get started? Our build projects are designed to help you achieve your knowledge and action goals.


Our support services help you maintain your analytics investments. We understand that you may need ongoing support for things like data pipeline management, periodic maintenance of reports and dashboards, and regular care and feeding for your analytics infrastructure. Our support team is here to ensure that you have the help you need when you need it.


If you’re looking to not only maintain, but continually build and mature your analytics ecosystem, we can help. With analytics as a service, we help you identify and prioritize your goals and objectives, conduct just-in-time planning, and execute projects on an iterative and cyclical basis. This is a great option if you want to make continuous progress while remaining nimble.

Our Approach

We deeply value the trust our partners place in our services. As a result, our approach to analytics work is purpose-driven, collaborative, and action-oriented.

Faster, Safer, More Secure Data Sharing

Keep control of your data, increase security protections, and reduce risk in data sharing initiatives with our secure analytics platform. Our technology and approach enables secure data sharing between organizations without the need to share personally identifiable information. Using privacy-enhancing technologies, we help organizations share and analyze sensitive data without sacrificing privacy.

We understand and can help you navigate privacy and security considerations. Implementing privacy-preserving technology can help you adhere to the highest security standards, ensuring that your communities remain protected along the way.

Answer questions faster

Lower data sharing risks

Increase ethical protections

Keep control of your data


Community Asset Mapping Platform

We recognize that multi-sector data sharing projects are just one piece of the collaborative action puzzle. And while we can help you with those objectives, we also developed a knowledge management system to support a broader understanding of the work that’s happening in your community. With the Community Asset Mapping Platform, your team can gain access to community knowledge to support improved decision-making across communities, sectors, and regions.

  • With our knowledge management platform, you have access to:
    a single place to store community information about projects, organizations, and people that are focused on collaborative work,
  • a graphical interface that enables you to see catchment and target areas,
  • details about community projects, and
  • a curated resource library of best practices and guidance.

Explore curated resources

Store critical knowledge

Identify opportunities for collaboration

Understand your network

Ready to work with us?

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