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Community Integration Platform

The Community Integration Platform enhances community collaboration via a combination of privacy-preserving analytics and ecosystem mapping tools.

CIP Module


Faster, safer, more secure data sharing

Keep control of your data, increase security protections, and reduce risk in data sharing initiatives with the Spotlight secure analytics platform. Spotlight enables secure data sharing between organizations without sharing personally identifiable information. Using privacy-enhancing technologies, we help organizations share and analyze sensitive data without sacrificing privacy.

We understand and can help you navigate the regulatory environment. Implementing privacy-preserving technology can help you adhere to the highest security standards.

Answer questions faster

Lower data sharing risks

Increase ethical protections

Keep control of your data

CIP Module

Community Asset Mapping Portal (CAMP)

Community knowledge management for enhanced collaboration

Keep track of and share insights about your collaborative action work in one place. Gain access to community knowledge to support improved decision-making.

With CAMP, you have access to:

  • a single place to store community information about projects, organizations, and people that are focused on collaborative work,
  • a graphical interface that enables you to see catchment and target areas,
  • details about community projects, and
  • a curated resource library of best practices and guidance.

Explore curated resources

Store critical knowledge

Identify opportunities for collaboration

Understand your network

CIP Services

Ecosystem Consulting and Implementation Services

Work with our consulting team to create innovative strategies for growing your data and technology ecosystem.

We offer:

  • Spotlight ‘Actionable Insight Cycle’ Implementation Services
  • CAMP Implementation Services
  • Data Ecosystem Consulting Services

If you want to…

  • Protect community privacy
  • Identify opportunities to improve community outcome
  • Increase community collaboration
  • Create a culture of curiosity
  • Generate data-informed actionable insights

…we can help.