Women In Recovery


Women in Recovery (WIR) is an intensive outpatient alternative for eligible women facing long prison sentences for non-violent drug-related offenses. Operated by Family and Children’s Services in partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation, WIR works closely with the criminal justice system and various community partners to ensure program participants receive supervision, treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues, education, workforce readiness training, comprehensive case management and family reunification services.


As a national leader in intensive outpatient alternatives to incarceration programming, Women In Recovery retains a lot of data. The program and its Director, Mimi Tarrasch, are very data-focused. Tarrasch states, “We are very outcome-driven, metrics-driven, and benchmark-driven. We have to have a system that can collect the information we need and feed it back to our team for solid decision making.” Prior to developing a data system, WIR had data stored across multiple spreadsheets, word processing documents and the agency’s Electronic Health Record system. A primary goal of the custom data application was to aggregate program information and structure data for easier retrieval and reporting.


The project began with the WIR and Asemio teams working together to determine the scope and vision of the new data system. Next, Asemio and WIR team members comprehensively reviewed key organizational process areas and created a system designed to increase efficiency in data storage and retrieval as well as allow easy access to reporting. “In terms of programmatic decision making, the data system has helped our organization dramatically. We generally have four hours of staffing every week where we discuss the clients and their progress. Before the data system, we would be struggling to find information; much of the discussion was anecdotal. Now we can look up a client’s sanction history, for example. Or we can see if they just lost a job, changed their family reunification status, and put some evidence as to why they might be struggling. “ says Tarrasch.

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