Tulsa Community Foundation


Through the generosity of donors, 501tech stimulates nonprofit investment in technology by offering support services at 25 – 50% of their market cost. 501tech supplements its direct services with products and services made available through volume-based purchasing agreements with our strategic partners.


As the exclusive software partner for Tulsa Community Foundation’s 501tech program, Asemio has managed projects for over a dozen Oklahoma social service, behavioral health, and nonprofit organizations. Although every 501tech client and situation is unique, Asemio consistently provides quality service and delivers exceptional results. This is why Tulsa Community Foundation continues to partner with Asemio utilizing our robust technical services team for community projects.


A common symptom of data and reporting problems is the use of spreadsheets as the primary data organization system. Asemio has built data systems that aggregate information into an easily accessible format and reporting interface. Using enterprise-level cloud-based technologies, Asemio delivers the highest level of data security and accessibility wrapped in a world-class user interface. Through multiple projects in the Social Services sector, Asemio has increased the impact of technology, partnering with organizations such as Girls Scouts, Women In Recovery, George Kaiser Family Foundation, and many more.


Using Asemio’s custom-developed project management and design methodology, a refined process has been built to analyze organizational processes, implement improvements, and develop complex software packages, which will automate the entire system.

Examples of Systems Developed

Case Management Solution, Data Reporting and Analytics, Educational Outcomes Tracking, Automated Program Assessments, Dashboard Solutions, Online Health Portal, Campaign Management Solution, EHR Migration Services, and Web Development