MyHealth Access Network


MyHealth Access Network is an organization committed to dramatically improving health outcomes and healthcare value for the individuals and communities served. MyHealth Access Network’s goals are to achieve and sustain the highest quality healthcare at the best value in the nation using health information resources, technology and expertise.


As the provider of Tulsa’s health information exchange (HIE), MyHealth Access Network plays a critical role in the health community. When the technology that supports MyHealth Access Network’s HIE was due for a major refresh, they selected Asemio to provide project management support, lead the UI/UX design process, and develop the patient portal front end technology set.


The patient portal project required close coordination of front and back end development teams. The process began with Asemio business analysts and MyHealth leadership comprehensively identifying business and technical requirements. These requirements were addressed in the UI/UX design process. Once design deliverables were approved, the Asemio development team launched into a Rapid Application Development (RAD) process, which enabled us to provide an initial prototype to meet critical business timeline milestones. Once initial prototypes had been through several revisions, Asemio was able to deliver a final v1 product within scope, schedule, and budget.

Services Utilized

Project Management
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Front End Development

Technology Utilized