Growing Together


Growing Together, located in Tulsa, OK, is a collective impact organization, founded in 2011. Working with organizations, residents, and educators in the community, Growing Together focuses its efforts on tackling the complex educational and social challenges in the Kendall-Whittier and Eugene Field neighborhoods. At the core of Growing Together’s strategy lies a concept that a strong community is key to improving outcomes.


As Growing Together focused on its initiative to solve the educational and social issues in their community, they consistently hit limitations imposed by siloed data. The data they needed regarding their residents was being collected in multiple Excel spreadsheets, causing the team’s capability to perform data analysis to be a very time-consuming and manual process that didn’t allow them to get their feedback to the schools quickly enough. They lacked a system that would bring all of the education data together in one central environment, which would allow side-by-side comparison with after-school intervention data.


To translate their data vision into reality, Growing Together partnered with Asemio to develop a system that would provide the foundation for tracking outcomes by aggregating education data from Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) and correlating it with data from after-school intervention programs. Before, data had to be manually requested from TPS and then inputted into multiple spreadsheets; now, that data feeds directly into the new system, allowing stakeholders and analysts to see up-to-date education data on their residents, as well as results from after-school intervention programs—which is inputted directly into the new system by their program directors. The new system also facilitates community health information tracking from the perspective of how people are living. The educational and after-school data, along with the results of neighborhood improvement initiatives, provides Growing Together with a 360-degree view on their community.


In these types of complex environments that require complex interventions, it’s hard to keep data organized. Growing Together’s new data system imposes organization on the data structure, resulting in a new process and data model that is easier to maintain moving forward. With the new data system, Growing Together can now analyze relations between school outcomes and service provider interventions, and they can do it much faster than before.


With a management platform that enables data aggregation, rapid analysis, and real-time reporting, Asemio is helping Growing Together modernize and thrive. Looking ahead, Growing Together’s commitment to tackle the educational and social challenges in their community is becoming a very achievable goal, thanks to the ability to make better data-informed decisions.