Asemio is hiring! Come join a team dedicated to social good.


The Power of Science and Story

Our Story

Driven by the desire to see technology leveraged as a force for good, Asemio was founded in 2013 by a group of community technologists located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A combination of experience in big data and community development informed our focus on building a world where technology revolutionizes our ability to address social needs. Asemio began by building software for individual organizations focused on serving community needs. Over the years, our organization responded to a growing need for faster, safer, and more secure ways of data sharing and collaboration. Today, we continue to support the public health, education, criminal justice, and social services sectors with data collection, data sharing, and community collaboration efforts with our data analytics and data system development services.

Our Philosophy

At Asemio, we believe in the power of science and story. The promise of cross-sector collaboration is the fuel for our passion. Our values help us build pathways that connect people, organizations, and ideas. 

We have chosen to operate as a social enterprise because we believe that setting the capitalist forces of production and efficiency within the constraints of societal improvement is a necessary and foundational element of our cultural development and growth strategy.

Our Commitment

Asemio is committed to building diverse teams and empowering the communities in which we work. Our efforts to do so include:

  • Strategic partnerships with organizations that are working to connect job opportunities in tech with underrepresented applicant pools
  • Partnering with community organizations working to provide mentorship opportunities for underserved populations
  • Creating a space for continual learning and internal dialogue sessions regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion-related topics with the goal of promoting awareness

Our Values

Our core values are living, breathing, unifying touchstones that guide the way we show up with each other, our partners, and our community. In addition to the basics (e.g., showing up each day as a well-intentioned fellow human), here’s what we think is most important: