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Asemio is a technology consulting company passionate about the architecture,
development, and implementation of community data systems.

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How we create impact

Integrated Data Architecture

Our software engineers help communities design data pipelines that streamline decision making. We know how to help you create systems to support your efforts, whether you are a collective impact backbone organization, local government stakeholder, or philanthropic investor.

Data System Development

Our software developers will help you build software that improves workflow and captures critical data. Whether you are a foundation, direct service provider, or collective impact backbone organization, our team can help you develop a system that will meet your needs.

Ecosystem Consulting

Our management consultants will ensure that your processes are optimized, critical systems get connected, and important community questions answered. We partner with community leaders to create innovative strategies for growing your data and technology ecosystem.

Our Partners

We work with organizations that are changing the world.


See the information you care about

To do your job well, you need the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, that information lives in an ever-increasing mess of disconnected spreadsheets, systems, databases, and applications.

Asemio can help your organization bring your business and its data together. With Asemio reporting services, it’s easy to access all the information you care about and use it to make faster, better-informed decisions.

Asemio helps you see the information you want, how and when you want it. Anyone –– from funder to executive director –– can have the information they need to make data-informed decisions always at their fingertips.

Our Team

Curious. Passionate. Tenacious.

Our team of delivery leads and software engineers are always ready for a new challenge.


Aaron Bean

Managing Partner


Lucie Bradshaw

Senior Consultant & Delivery Lead

Jovanna Carey

Jovanna Carey

Executive Assistant


Brian Christiansen

Software Consultant & Developer


Joani Dotson

Senior Consultant & Delivery Lead

Willem Ellis

Software Consultant & Developer

Jessica England

Director of Professional Services

Simon Grondin

Software Consultant & Developer

Ryan Haight

Software Consultant & Designer

Elizabeth Harris

Software Consultant & Developer


Floyd May

Chief Architect

Aubry Nissen

Software Consultant & Delivery Lead


Thomas Norman

Software Consultant & Developer


Tania Pryce

Senior Consultant & Delivery Lead

Ben Threadgill

Software Consultant & Developer


Mattie Witman

Software Consultant & Delivery Analyst

In 2019, the Tulsa Regional Chamber-led coalition, Mosaic, recognized Asemio as a top inclusive workplace.


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Social Impact Applications
of Secure Multi-Party

A technology which combines data sets from disparate systems and allows computation on the combined data without ever exposing protected information.

Architecting Resilient and 

Adaptive Communities Through 

Technological Innovation

This paper details the framework and accompanying principles that can assist communities in moving toward a more aligned, efficient, and interconnected state.

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